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What's New on MGM 2.1
Date Description
2/4/2015 Attention GLOBAL PAYMENTS clients! PARTIAL AUTHORIZATION is being DISABLED for all My Gym locations that use Global. No need to call them.
1/16/2015 Updated PCI Compliance Help document for the new Security Metrics 3.0 Self-Assessment process. This is only for Global Payments clients.
1/9/2015 For those gyms with "curious" parents who like to peek at your MGM Home page and see your gym stats, you now have the ability to turn the stats display off if you don't want them to see your numbers.

In Admin -> Location Setup, there is a checkbox to do that.
12/25/2014 Added ability to generate Tax Credit receipts for Class Tuition payments made during the calendar year.

To enable the feature, go to the Admin -> Location Setup and enter in your location's Tax ID or GST #, then SAVE.
Each family account will display a "Tax Receipt" button at upper right corner, next to VIMA button.
Mailing Search can be used to generate bulk receipts for larger groups.
12/10/2014 Attention Canadian gyms and those in US that have to start collecting sales tax on more than just Parties and Products:
You can now specify a tax rate for each of the following:

Class Tuition
Membership Fee
Birthday Parties
Product Sales

If set to zero, no tax is applied. Greater than zero settings will be applied to each transaction of effected type. Client Interface users, when enrolling in classes, will also see tax component if Class tuition is set to > zero. If you are currently "overstating" the tuition price to accomodate tax, once you set the tax rate, set your prices back down in MGM for each class (visit each class in Admin) and let MGM handle the taxes
11/25/2014 Re. Waiting List enrollments: If you use ENROLL button within the Waiting List to enroll the student, MGM will clean up and delete the Waiting List record. If you want to keep the child on the Waiting List while enrolling in another class untill space in the 1st choice opens up, then please use the ENROLL button on the Family Account page. This enrollment process will keep the existing Waiting List record.
11/5/2014 Added ability to send an confirmation email after a Guest Class has been re-scheduled.
10/2/2014 Attention GLOBAL PAYMENTS clients. Please be aware that Global has DUPLICATE TRANSACTION protection enabled for all accounts - it is just a protection for customers accidentally resubmitting duplicate transactions in the same batch (same card number, same amount, same "day").
9/19/2014 When a new Family Account is created in MGM (and email address is provided) or using the Client Interface, the email address is now automatically SUBSCRIBED to Exact Target by default.
6/13/2014 When using Mailing List Search, you can now select multiple CAMPS or CLASSES to get your results, as a mailing list or as a list of email addresses.
6/8/2014 Client Interface - Unlimited Classes When your location is within the Unlimited Classes mode, customers are able to schedule their UL visits, one visit at a time.
6/1/2014 Client Interface - Birthday Party bookings You can now show your Party Booking deposit as NON-REFUNDABLE. If you would like to do so, please go to your Extranet account, BOSS tools, "Edit your website and schedules" -> Edit your gym information. Use the checkbox next to "MGM Party Non-Refundable :" to make it say "non-refundable" instead of "refundable within the next 48 hours".
5/22/2014 New look and feel on most major pages. Family Account page might look deformed on the very first time you open it. Please REFRESH the page once (F5) and it will open correctly.
New features:
• Family Account can now have Two parents! So, if you currently store 2 parents on the same line, go ahead and split them up as you find them. Both Last Names are searchable.
Membership Fee can now be taken as a stand-alone transaction.
Birthday Edit pop-up can now be moved and resized, page re-designed to accomodate a lot of add-ons and made re-scheduling of time-slots easier with date and time selectors.
4/22/2014 If you don't see "Subscribe" or "Not Subscribed" buttons on the Family Account - that means that you don't have your Exact Target Setup configured in Admin -> Emailing section.
4/17/2014 In an effort to improve integration with Exact Target process and to work around Exact Target limitations, we had to make a few changes to the process. Most of you will not notice any difference, other than improved reliability. Effective immediately, you are NOT able to Subscribe or Unsubscribe customers to Exact Target unless you have completely filled out your Exact Target Setup, including providing a valid Username and Password. The Subscribe button is hidden from the Family Account page in cases where ET username or password are left blank. Since this info will enable the Auto-Email functionality, you will also have to manage your Auto-Emal preferences.
4/13/2014 On Client Interface, added the ability to set the "number of days after last class" that visitors are allowed to book Make-ups for. As usual, Make-ups can only be booked while the student is enrolled. Default is zero days. Use Extranet's BOSS tools to customize as needed.
4/6/2014 The Happy Birthday auto-email recepients can now be limited by the child's age. You can set the age limit (default is 8 years old) so that kids older than the set limit will be excluded from receiving the Happy Birthday auto-email blast. Basically, if you offer Birthday Parties for kids up to the age of 10, set the age limit to "10".
3/18/2014 • Made "Subscribed" be the default when a new customer is added to MGM.
• Added an indicator on class attendance page when a child reaches being 1 month of "ageing out" of the class.
• Guest Followup - exported file now contains a column for lead name.
Finally, if you are still using Internet Explorer version 8 or earlier, please update your browser to the latest version of Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 or newer (if not using Windows XP).
2/5/2014 On Client Interface, added the ability to set the "number of hours before class start time" that visitors are allowed to book Guest classes and Make-ups and to Enroll. Each of these 3 functions can have its own "buffer" setting. Default is 12 hours before class. Use BOSS tools to customize yours as needed.
1/23/2014 • Since PCI Compliance rules prevent us from ever showing customers' credit card numbers, there's no need to have the "Credit Card editing password" in Admin, so it has been removed.
• Removed Admin password requirement from the Client Interface Activity report.
• All Financial Reports and the Historical Data report are now protected by an Owner Password. Initially, the "Credit Card editing password" is the Owner Password. Gym owners who wish to setup their "owner only" password can do so from the Admin -> Location Setup page.
• Added ability to name the schedules on the Client Interface. Now, you can have "Future Schedule" tab named "Coming Soon" or something like that. Use BOSS tools to edit these names.
1/10/2014 • Rearranged Database Search a little. Main menu is now named Search, with different search options in sub-menu.
• Added a new filter to Mailing List Search - Date a contact was added to MGM. New additions, including those that come from the Client Interface, get a date stamp, but since we didn't always have this information, especially for old, existing parents that were imported from MGM1 or from the previous software, we ended up having to use the date of the oldest activity on-file as date added. Better than nothing. We hope you find good uses for it.
• Fixed a few bugs, including speed improvements in the Search area.
1/3/2014 Added Google Maps integration to the Database Search Results page.
Added Jenmark Account management to admin section. If you have not done so already, please update your billing info as soon as possible. Thanks!
12/16/2013 • Classes can now be scheduled to end. Once the end date passes, any remaining enrollments will end on that date with no payments owed.
• MGM now allows for saving parents' first and last name at once. No need to hit Save after each.
• Client Interface contacts are now saved in MGM in "Proper Case".
12/5/2013 Added ability to deal with UNSUBSCRIBED (from Exact Target) parents. Manual emails (receipts and confirmations) will be sent regardless of their subscription status. Auto-emails can be configured to send or not to send to Unsubscribed. The setting is in the Exact Target Setup section of Admin > Emailing. Also added explanations for each of the auto-emails in the Customization section.

Added an Unsubscribed Customers report and the ability to re-subscribe some or all.
11/28/2013 Please double-check your settings for Auto-email Customizations in Admin > Emailing > Auto Email Customization. The problem with saving Enable/Disable settings not being saved has been fixed.
11/25/2013 AUTO-EMAILS are HERE! If you've entered your Exact Target usernames and passwords, there's nothing you need to do! Automatic emails will be sent to your customers. Different emails are sent for different reasons. Please see Admin > Emailing >Auto Email Customization. When there, you can disable any and all of these emails. Default is "Enabled" for all but "Make-up class"Reminders" and "Missed Classes". You can enable these if you wish.

A report for Auto-Email process can be seen in the Admin section. Only the last run is summarized. Details and each email can be viewed in the Reports > Email History.
11/20/2013 Major update to the email process! MGM is now using the Exact Target system to send emails. The messages are more attractive and follow the design scheme of other emails sent using Exact Target. In addition, we are moving away from sending a copy of every email to the gym. Instead, an Email History report is now available under the "Reports" menu, where you can view any email sent by MGM.

In order to make the process work, there is a setting that you must set in the Admin > Emailing > Exact Target Setup. You must enter your Exact Target username and password.

Several minor enhancements and bug fixes are also part of this update.
10/16/2013 New report added: Historical Data. Found in the drop-down under Reports, it breaks down enrollment, parties, guests and other important data by month within a selected year. The numbers are recorded as of the last day of that month.

You can now award any number of Make-ups for new or returning children at the time of enrollment.

Misc. bug fixes

10/10/2013 New Feature: Batch CC Processing. There is a new option to run all or some of your recurring transactions as a single batch. You can select date range, use check box to select transactions you want to run (normal ones will be pre-selected for you) and edit the amount if needed. Only accounts with card on file will show. Confirm the batch and hit continue, then you can go on to other pages. You will be notified with a sign pictured below at the upper right side of the screen when the batch has finished running to see the results. You can also use the new menu item under Payments.

Failed transactions now have the "Send bad CC e-mail" icon for your convenience - that's the same one as found in the Transaction History for transactions that were not approved. Receipts will be e-mailed for all good transactions. Gym still gets a copy. If you prefer not to send any e-mail receipts after batch processing, the setting to turn it OFF can be found in Admin -> Location Setup. We hope you find this a time-saving feature.

Fixed an erroneous report of the "X Consecutive missed classes" on the Class Attendance page.

Other minor bug fixes.
10/9/2013 • Number of Cancellations within 30 days is back on the main home page.
• Misc. bug fixes
10/3/2013 Class Attendance page has a new button that allows you to save your attendance all at once, or few at once, greatly speeding up the process. The button becomes active when you start taking attendance and even if you forget to save your work and go to a different area of the system, MGM will still save it for you automatically. You can mark kids Present or Absent as quickly as you can click your mouse, then one click of the Save Attendance button will save your work in 2-4 seconds.
9/23/2013 • Added ability to set the Class and Camp Enrollment pages sorting by child's first name. You can set it in the Location Setup of the Admin section.
• Added a Family Notes report in the Database search, by class date.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes.
9/17/2013 Family Account Merge is here! Use it to combine 2 families into one account, add and merge children's history and transactions. The feature automatically deletes the unwanted account. Please slow down, pay attention, get all the needed contact info from the "to be deleted" account and be careful. There is no "undo". Find this feature in the Admin section.
9/3/2013 Skip Days are back! As a reminder, Skip days do not show up as class dates and there is no attendance to take. If you are planning on giving your members a Make-up for that day - you should not use Skip Day and just mark everyone Absent on Class Attendance instead. The Class Attendance page will show Skip Days with an Orange Box in the Calendar section, for your convenience. When selecting the Skip Payment option, the selected dates MUST be more than one full payment cycle in the future.
8/27/2013 The ability to make the entire birthday parties taxable is now LIVE. Users who need to tax everything related to parties can set it up in their ADMIN section, under Parties -> Setup Party Pricing, Packages and Add-ons.

A new setting now exists, “Entire Package is Taxable”. Users need to make sure that their Package Prices don't have any tax component within the base Member and Non-member prices for each package. When you set the “Entire Package is Taxable” to "checked", all of your listed add-ons will automatically be set as TAXABLE as well, making the entire party taxable. You may change individual add-ons back if you need to. Any add-ons that are added to the party are taxed separately as well. Tax rate is still set in the Fees section.